Scott Winnie is our senior residential real estate agent at The HD Group. He originally joined The Durkovic Group seven years ago, shortly after he began his career in the real estate. Scott works directly with home buyers and sellers throughout the San Gabriel Valley area, providing professional service with a personal touch.

Always There to Help

Scott’s clients know they can always count on him to be there whenever they need anything. He is skilled at anticipating people’s needs and providing timely service. He credits this approach to his 20-plus years of working in the restaurant industry. Scott worked his way up from being a server and eventually held key management roles at several restaurants. He knows the value of hard work and the importance of being there to help his customers.

Scott met Tim Durkovic early on in his real estate career and sought him out as a professional mentor. “My dad always told me to find the best agent in the building and do whatever I could for him,” he says. “When Tim was ready to start his team, I was first in line. Now, we’re even stronger after merging with Greg’s team and forming The HD Group.”

The Team Advantage

Though most of his time is spent dealing with real estate clients on his own, Scott enjoys being part of a team. He knows there is always something they can learn from one another. He gets to see how other team member’s transactions are handled, which gives him new ideas and inspiration every day. At the same time, he is able to share some of his own insight and experience with other agents with The HD Group and at Douglas Elliman.

“We are constantly learning from one another,” Scott says. “There is something that can be learned from every real estate transaction.”

More About Scott

Scott was originally born in New York and grew up in Chicago. He even spent a few years living in Europe. He studied business at the University of Kansas before starting his career in the restaurant industry. Scott moved to Southern California 13 years ago to be closer with his immediate family in the area—“and also for the sunshine,” he adds.

Outside of work, Scott enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Heather, their two children and their two dogs. He loves trying out new restaurants and just about anything to do with sports and recreation. Scott plays tennis on a weekly basis and can also be found playing soccer from time to time. Watching professional sports is another passion of his.

Scott was a leading force for The Durkovic Group for many years and now continues his senior role with The HD Group. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the San Gabriel Valley, contact Scott today at (626) 204-5252 or [email protected]