The calendar has turned to March and spring is in the air throughout Southern California. We’ve had our fair share of rain already this year, but also plenty of sunny skies as usual. We’re right in that perfect time of year when it’s not too hot or too cold out. There’s no better opportunity to plan a trip to the The Huntington in San Marino. Check out some of their current art exhibitions, stroll through the vast library or enjoy a beautiful afternoon in their botanical gardens. Right now, there are several special plants, trees and flowers in full bloom. However, the colorful displays may not last too much longer, so don’t miss out!


Native to our desert climate, aloes bloom in the winter and will last through early springtime. Many grow red, orange, yellow and gold flower clusters that light up the landscape like torches. You’ll find some stunning aloes on display at The Huntington’s California Garden, Desert Garden and Cycad Garden. Learn more.

Flowering Fruit Trees

We’re at the tail end of the bloom season for ornamental fruit trees like apricots, peaches and cherries. These trees burst with color and scents this time of year, but the flowers will die off soon as the weather heats up. Flowering fruit trees can be found throughout The Huntington’s Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden, as well as near the MaryLou and George Boone Gallery. Learn more.


Acres of eye-catching camellias are in bloom at The Huntington, with the best views found in the Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden and North Vista. These beautiful flowers cover the landscape throughout the The Huntington’s vast grounds, with nearly 80 different camellia species on display and approximately 1,000 cultivated varieties. Learn more.


Magnolias also hit their peak bloom season in winter, and the flowers won’t be around too much longer at The Huntington. This is an ancient genus with around 200 different species. Magnolias have been a priority when it comes to The Huntington’s botanical conservation efforts. Their blooms can range from white petals to shades of pink, deep rose or purple. They also offer and incredible sweet fragrance. Learn more.

For more information about the plants, flowers and trees you can find at The Huntington’s botanical gardens and for an interactive map of current blooms throughout the year, visit their “Now Blooming” page on the Botanical Gardens section of their website