In August 2024, the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction will host its first Holcim Foundation Fellowship in New York City. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for aspiring architects, city planners and real estate developers looking to help shape a more sustainable future in design and construction.

About the Fellowship

15 selected students will participate in the Decarbonization at Scale forum, held in NYC from August 5-16, 2024. Masters students and design firms will learn and collaborate together in this dynamic environment. The goal is to foster curiosity and drive forward-thinking solutions in the industry. This is a chance for dedicated and motivated individuals to learn more about sustainable solutions, while helping play a critical role in the new ideas of tomorrow.

Upon completion of the program, Fellows will be selected to participate in the Holcim Foundation Emerging ChangeMakers fellowship. If you are passionate about furthering your knowledge and career—and ready to make real change in this world—this is an opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up!

How to Apply

The application deadline for students is open until April 30, 2024. Only 15 will be chosen, so you’ll want to do everything you can to stand out from the competition. The Holcim Foundation is accepting applications from final-year masters level students in the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Historic Preservation, Structural/Civil/Construction Engineering and Real Estate Development. They are also accepting applications for graduates who completed their masters degrees in 2023 or later at any university in the United States or Canada.

Applicants will be required to submit a video introduction, an 800-word reflection paper, resume, portfolio and two letters of recommendation.

What to Expect

For the lucky few who are chosen for this fellowship experience, they will become a part of the Holcim Foundation global network of Fellows. Housing and travel assistance costs will be provided for the duration of the program, along with full tuition for the course. They will take part in site visits and be able to collaborate with leading design firms at the conference. At the concluding panel, they will be able to present their findings to a group of industry experts.

To learn more about the Holcim Foundation and this incredible fellowship program, as well as more application resources and information, visit their website.