We are constantly inspired by forward-thinking organizations like the Holcim Foundation. They are dedicated to shaping the future of sustainable construction and architecture. This is a very important cause to use because it directly affects our real estate business, and we are also passionate about innovative design and architecture. Plus, as residents of this planet, we care about its future. That’s why we want to highlight some of the environmental benefits and goals of sustainable home construction.

Designing Within the Environment

The Holcim Foundation estimates that 40% of global carbon emissions are created by existing buildings, with 11% of that attributed to the materials and construction processes used for building. With this in mind, it is a driving force of the foundation and other sustainable construction leaders throughout the world to find more environmentally friendly solutions.

“Instead of doing less damage to the environment, it is necessary to learn how one can participate with the environment by using the health of ecological systems as a basis for design,” says Bill Reed of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Bill and many others understand it’s no longer about trying to limit our effects on the environment. We have to do better to make improvements for current and future generations. This involves regenerating and restoring social and ecological systems through sustainable design and construction strategies.

The 3 Cornerstones of Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction with an ecological focus boils down to three primary objectives:

  1. Sustainability—This is all about limiting our impact as a society. Sustainability leaders aim to find the balance point that enables us to give back to the environment just as much as we are taking from it.
  2. Restoration—Another key goal is to make efforts to restore threatened social and ecological systems to a healthy state.
  3. Regeneration—Last but not least, we have to look to our impact on the future. We want to enable social and ecological systems to maintain a healthy state and keep evolving with more ideas, innovations and improvements.

Sustainable Construction Solutions

There are many methods already being implemented and more ideas are on the horizon. It starts with the design process. Architects and builders are incorporating more sustainable solutions than ever before. They are design structures that work within their environments to minimize ecological consumption and reduce carbon waste. They are using more eco-friendly building materials, which can be recycled, upcycled or reused. Many of these materials are organically based, made from agricultural by-products which are harvested responsibility. Regenerative building designs are becoming more and more common. Sustainable cities and urban requalification are signs of evolution. These steps not only reduce our carbon footprint now, but can help restore and regenerate our ecosystems as time goes on.

We are proud to support organizations like the Holcim Foundation. We encourage everyone to visit their website. Learn more about the driving forces behind sustainable construction and what they are doing to educate and inform the future of our society.