Last Remaining Seats is an annual tradition, hosted by the Los Angeles Conservancy. It features an incredible lineup of classic films, special guests and venue tours at some of LA’s most historic theaters. It is one of the best experiences of the year for Golden Age film buffs and architecture enthusiasts like us. Here is the lineup for the 2024 Last Remaining Seats film festival:

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)
Orpheum Theatre
June 1, 2:00pm

Generally considered the first true “horror” film, this masterpiece of German Expressionist cinema offers a truly unique experience on the big screen. This screening also includes a couple classic short films: Pete’s Haunted House (1926) and The Haunted House (1921). Learn more. 

The Seven Year Itch (1955)
Orpheum Theatre
June 1, 8:00pm

This is one of the films that put Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe on the map, and this screening just happens to be on her birthday. The evening show will be hosted by film historian, Leonard Maltin. Learn more.

Starting at 6:00pm before The Seven Year Itch screening, writer Elisa Jordan will offer a special presentation. She will share stories and information about the historic Los Angeles locations that played important roles in Monroe’s life and career. Learn more.

Los Angeles Theatre
June 8, 2:00pm

Speaking of Hollywood icons, this classic Steve McQueen action flick will be screened at the historic Los Angeles Theatre. In addition, a genuine 1968 Bullitt Mustang will be on display in the lobby—truly one of the most famous cars in movie history! Learn more.

Gaslight (1944)
Los Angeles Theatre
June 8, 8:00pm

This gothic-noir psychological thriller will be the evening show for week two of Last Remaining Seats. It is based on the Broadway hit play Angel Street. The screening will be hosted by author and film historian, Sloan De Forest. Learn more.

From Russia With Love (1963)
The Palace Theatre
June 15, 2:00pm

This Bond film is considered to be one of Sean Connery’s best in the 007 series. Watching it at The Palace Theatre will be a truly special way to enjoy it. The matinee show will be hosted by film historian, author and commentator, Jeremy Arnold. Learn more.

Mi Vida Loca (“My Crazy Life”) (1994)
The Palace Theatre
June 15, 8:00pm

The final screening for the film festival will be a 30-year anniversary celebration of this powerful movie by Allison Anders. Allison herself will be there to present the film and talk about the cultural significance it still holds three decades later. Learn more.

Check out the Last Remaining Seats website for more information about this year’s screenings and other special events. Unfortunately, the historic venue tours for all three weekends are already sold out. Consider joining the LA Conservancy as a member, because you will get special access to early ticket sales for this and other events, lectures and tours throughout the year.