If you really want to learn about the architectural history of Los Angeles, it’s a great idea to check out the LA Conservancy’s tours. They offer walking tours, bus tours, lectures and a variety of special events throughout the year. You can immerse yourself in LA’s cultural history and see some truly spectacular architecture throughout the city. Here are some of the upcoming tours for July 2024:

Weekly Walking Tours
Saturdays in July

Historic Downtown Walking Tour

Join the LA Conservancy every Saturday morning for its weekly Historic Downtown Walking Tour. You’ll traverse through a timeline of the city’s architectural marvels and cultural milestones, from the 1800s to the present. Key highlights include the stunning Central Library, the iconic Bradbury Building, and other landmarks that reveal the rich history and evolution of LA’s urban core. Learn more.

Lawrence Halprin: Reconnecting the Heart

Explore the visionary work of landscape architect Lawrence Halprin, whose innovative designs transformed downtown Los Angeles into a tapestry of interconnected open spaces. This tour delves into Halprin’s impactful projects that redefined urban living and community aesthetics. Discover how his legacy continues to shape the cityscape today. Learn more.

Broadway Historic Theatre and Commercial District Walking Tour

Explore the vibrant history of Broadway, the heart of LA’s theater district. This tour delves into the architectural splendor and cultural significance of Broadway’s iconic theaters and commercial buildings. Learn about the golden age of movie palaces, the district’s decline and its ongoing revitalization efforts. Experience firsthand the grandeur of these historic landmarks that once defined Los Angeles’ entertainment landscape. Learn more.

July 18
Artistry in Architecture: A Millard Sheets Bus Tour

Join historian Adam Arenson on a curated bus tour celebrating the artistic and architectural legacy of Millard Sheets. Known for his murals and building designs across Southern California, Sheets’ work is a testament to mid-20th-century aesthetics. This tour will take you to some of his most significant projects in Los Angeles, offering an in-depth look at his contributions to the city’s architectural heritage. Learn more.

For more historic architecture tours and other special events from the LA Conservancy this summer, please visit their website’s calendar page.