SCI-Arc is a progressive institution committed to shaping the future of architecture and design. They offer many educational programs for aspiring architects and those who want to expand their knowledge of this field. They also offer special events, guest lectures and exhibitions throughout the year. Here are some of the events you can look forward to at the SCI-Arc Gallery and campus in Los Angeles in the 2024 spring season:

Gordon Kipping (M.Arch ’95): Maison de Cartes
April 12 – June 2, 2024

This special exhibition by Gordon Kipping will be on display in the SCI-Arc Gallery. Its focus is on the timeless art of using wood as the backbone for construction. Today’s design industry is more focused on renewable resources than ever. Timber has always been at the center of construction, but Kipping sees even more uses for mass timber. This model is constructed in the spirit of Les Maisons Dom-ino, but with wood used for everything rather than stone, marble and other non-renewable resources. Maison de Cartes offers an augmented reality presentation blended with real construction to show visitors the endless possibilities of timber. Learn more.

Ali Rahim: Catalytic Form
March, 27, 2024

Alie Rahim is Professor of Architecture and Director of Advanced Architecture Design (MSD-AAD) at the University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design. He is also Co-Director of the global architecture firm CAP. He will be speaking at the W.M. Keck Lecture Hall and sharing thoughts from his upcoming Book Catalytic Forms. He talks about the paradigm shift of digital design trends within contemporary architecture. This lecture can also be viewed virtually on Vimeo fo those who can’t attend in person. Learn more.

Mahfuz Sultan: Notes on ‘Point Break’ (1991)
April 3, 2024

Mahfuz Sultan is an architect, director and writer and co-founder of the multidisciplinary practice of Clocks. Clocks brings together film, art direction, live performance, spatial design, graphic design, exhibition-making and publication. This unique lecture centers around the 1991 film Point Break and the creative threads that run through its story—threads that run through many projects Sultan and Clocks have worked together throughout the years. This lecture can be attended in-person at the Keck Lecture Hall or online via Vimeo. Learn more.

Elena Manferdini + Jasmine Benyamin
Full Spectrum: Colour in Contemporary Art
March 22, 2024

Elena Manferdini and Jasmine Benyamin are recognized experts in contemporary architecture. Their new book is being released. This celebration and symposium will feature both authors sharing their insights and findings from the book. Learn more.

Mira Henry + Matthew Au:
Gathering: Ongoing Work by Current Interests
March 29, 2024

This is another special book release celebration at SCI-Arc for the new book by Mira Henry and Matthew Au, who are behind the Los Angeles-based architecture and design practice Current Interests. They will share stories from the book and offer a meet and greet session. Learn more.