We are passionate about home sustainability and eco-friendly solutions. We also love gardening and landscape design. This is why we are proud supporters of the Theodore Payne Foundation. They offer so many excellent resources to help people learn more about California native plants and environmental education, in general. They offer a variety of workshops, events, classes and workshops throughout the year. There’s no better time to take advantage of these learning opportunities than the spring season. Here are some of their upcoming events for the second half of April 2024:

Sunrise Birding: An Experiential Walk and Talk with Diego Blanco
April 18, 2024

Whether you are an experienced birdwatcher or have interest in learning more about the hobby, this is a great opportunity. This early morning walk at the Theodore Payne Foundation will expose you to local ecosystems and bird life. It is led by Diego Blanco, who has a great deal of knowledge in ornithology and will be your guide throughout the walk. Learn more. 

Understanding Oaks: A Tree Walk and Talk with Alison Lancaster
April 19, 2024

Alison Lancaster is a seasoned arborist and will guide you around the Payne Foundation grounds. This tour will focus on the oak trees and give you more insight about these majestic trees that are found throughout Southern California. Learn more.

Wildflower Inks with Mona Lewis
April 20, 2024

This workshop shows you how to practice the ancient art of extracting color from flowers and using it for ink. Mona Lewis will show you how to make your own natural inks and create your own artwork using these flower-based pigments. Learn more.

Finding Our Way Home with Fungi with Aaron Tupac
April 21, 2024

You can learn a lot from fungi naturally occurring across our diverse landscape. This unique walk and talk provides you with a different perspective about mushrooms and other fungi, and how they build captivating relationships within their ecosystems. Learn more.

Right Plant, Right Place with Katie Tilford
April 23, 2024

For those interesting in learning more about Southern California native plants for their own yard and garden, this is a course you won’t want to miss. It will be hosted online through Zoom and you will give you the basics about how to choose the right plants, flowers and trees for your landscape design. Learn more.

Adaptive Chaparral Walk with Genevieve Arnold
April 24, 2024

Speaking of native plants, this walk and talk focuses on the adaptive traits of the chaparral and California coastal sage scrub found throughout this region. Learn more.

Propagating California Native Plants from Cuttings with Tim Becker
April 25, 2024

One way to propagate native plant species is to use cuttings for your own garden. This hands-on course will teach you the best practices for growing your own native plants as an alterative to purchasing plants from other providers. Learn more.

All About Bulbs with Tim Becker
April 26, 2024

Tim Becker is the Director of Horticulture with the Theodore Payne Foundation. This class shows you how to find, plant and grow bulbs for native California plants. Learn more.

Fire-Resilient Gardens: A Maintenance Walk and Talk with Eric Blank
April 26, 2024

Wildfires are always a serious concern in California, especially after all the moisture we had this winter and spring that will lead to increased undergrowth. This interactive course will offer some useful tips and techniques for maintaining a more fire-resilient garden. Learn more.

To learn more about the Theodore Payne Foundation and see their upcoming workshops, events, classes and walking tours, visit their calendar page.