The Los Angeles Conservancy does so much great work throughout the LA area. They are committed to preserving the history, architecture and culture of landmarks and neighborhoods all across Southern California. Many of these initiatives are carried about by volunteer Community Leaders. Anyone can become a part of this program, and it all starts with the LA Conservancy’s annual Community Leadership Boot Camp.

Community Leadership Boot Camp

This program is designed to help train, inspire and support the Conservancy’s newest Community Leaders through a series of educational forums. They are looking for LA County residents who want to effectively advocate on behalf of historic and cultural places. Form their website:

“Neighborhoods are changing quickly, not always considering the value community members hold for older and historic places. Preservation can help us better understand the history of a place – who it is important to, what stories it tells – and how history can shape (but not limit) change as our cities grow and evolve.”

The LA Conservancy Community Leadership Boot Camp will teach the following values:

  • How to use preservation as a powerful planning tool
  • Steps to preserve historic and cultural places you care about
  • Ways to win support for preservation projects
  • How to connect with others who share your preservation passions

Application Requirements & Deadline

The LA Conservancy is still accepting applications for the Boot Camp. However, the deadline closes tonight (February 28, 2024) at 11:59pm! If you are interested in being a part of this program, do not wait to submit your application. Registrants must also be at 18 years old and have an active membership with the LA Conservancy by the start of the Boot Camp on April 17, 2024. Otherwise, there is no prior experience necessary to become a Community Leader and no additional fees are required. Selected participants will be notified by March 13.

Boot Camp Details

The Community Leader Boot Camp will take place starting April 17 with the Orientation meeting, followed by 5 sessions running through May 15. All sessions except one will take place over Zoom. The Saturday, May 11 session will be held in-person and will expose Boot Camp members to real-life field preservation efforts. All sessions are mandatory to attend in order to complete the program and be considered an official LA Conservancy Community Leader.

To learn more about the program, requirements and schedule, visit the LA Conservancy website.