Environmental conservation is a very important issue for us, especially when it comes to Southern California’s water usage. This is a desert climate and extended periods of drought have been an increasingly common occurrence over the past couple decades. Check out our recent article about some sustainable home gardening tips for the hot summer and early fall season.

One of the tips in that article was using native California plants in your landscaping and gardening efforts. We wanted to expand on this topic and feature some important tips and native plant information from one of our favorite locale resources, the Theodore Payne Foundation. Here are some of the reasons they suggest using plants native to Southern California’s unique coastal desert climate:

Natural Beauty

The Los Angeles area is home to many beautiful species of flowers, cacti, fruit trees, bushes and other plants. It only makes sense to incorporate these native plants into your home’s landscape design, garden or inside the home. You can create beautiful spaces that utilize native species as the focal point.


Many non-native plants are difficult to maintain in our often hot and arid climate. As you might expect, plants that are native to Southern California’s landscape can thrive in these conditions with the right care. Why work harder to keep your garden and lawn alive when using the right types of plants and grass can make it so much easier?

Water Conservation

Of course, this is the biggest reason why you should consider using native SoCal plants for your home. They can survive the hot summers and grow well in the wetter winter season. You don’t have to use nearly as much water to maintain a nice yard and garden. This saves you money as a homeowner and helps protect our most precious environmental resource all year round.

Wildlife Support

The local wildlife also benefits from having native plants. They can provide natural shelters for birds, butterflies and pollinating insects that will help spread the goodness throughout the area’s environment. In addition, wildlife you might consider invasive “pests” are often less of a problem with native plants.

Minimal Carbon Footprint

In addition to reduced water consumption, native plants can also minimize your carbon footprint in other ways. Most of these plants are grown here in California and don’t have to be transported very far to get to your home. They play an active role in the water cycle with by adding cooling moisture to the atmosphere. In every way, having native plants in your landscaping is better for the local environment.

Cost Effective

Native flowers and trees can be fairly inexpensive to purchase and plant, and they can thrive with minimal care. That means you can start with something smaller and let it grow naturally. This is in addition to savings on water bills and general landscaping/gardening maintenance supplies.

Feel at Home

Last but not least, you can just feel connected to your local landscape with more California-appropriate plants, flowers, trees and bushes around your home. It’s a great way to feel more at home in California’s beautiful natural setting.