March is Women’s History Month. We’ve been celebrating the influence of women in LA culture throughout our area’s history, as well as recognizing the women who are having a direct impact on our own lives and business. This is why we are looking forward to a very special virtual tour hosted by the Los Angeles Conservancy. We appreciate everything this great organization stands for, and they offer so many wonderful interactive educational experiences.

A Woman’s Place: A Virtual Tour

This inspiring virtual tour will happen on Wednesday, April 19 at 6:00pm. It is a completely virtual experience, so you can enjoy the tour from wherever you are located.

This virtual tour will explore the uniquely linked history behind two of LA’s most iconic locations: Chinatown and Union Station. The story will be told through the experiences of women who played important roles in the growth and development of Los Angeles.

Leading Ladies

Yiu Hai Seto Quon was one of the original founders of the Chinatown community and a successful restaurant owner. Arcola Philpott was the first African-American and the first woman to be hired by the Los Angeles Railway. These are just two of the women whose stories will be featured as you tour these historic places through the eyes of influential women in our city’s history.

Learn more about A Woman’s Place: A Virtual Tour. Click here.

More Tours & Experiences from the LA Conservancy

This is just one upcoming event hosted by the LA Conservancy. Be sure to check out their walking tours held at historic locations throughout the Los Angeles area. They also offer virtual and in-person group tours for private groups, schools, and social clubs. The Conservancy’s People + Places: A Virtual Conversation is another great virtual series that brings together architectural experts, community members and conservation advocates to discuss important topics relating to the unique heritage of Los Angeles.

Visit the LA Conservancy website for a full list of upcoming tours and interactive experiences that you won’t want to miss if you appreciate local culture, history and architecture like we do!