Sustainable home farming is all about growing fresh fruits and vegetables in your own garden with a very eco-friendly approach. Popularity in this trend continues to grow as homeowners look to create a more sustainable use of their land. We are seeing more and more luxury homeowners are buying properties with farmland or converting underutilized areas into places for gardening and livestock.

One of the key benefits of sustainable home farming is you know exactly where your food is coming from. You can cultivate it yourself, grow what you want and literally enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Here are a few helpful tips for a more sustainable home garden:

1. Conserve Water

An important goal of sustainable home farming is to limit the amount of water being used. Of course, you need water to grow plants. However, there are ways to do it without over-consuming this precious resource. For starters, you can reduce or eliminate your lawn and put your water to better use with a garden.

2. Go Organic

An organic approach is a very important part of sustainable gardening. You should make it a goal to use fewer (or no) chemicals to have a more ecologically sound garden that is also very cost-effective. Whether you are eating the food from your garden, giving it to friends and neighbors, or selling it in a farmer’s market, you can feel good knowing your items are all-organic.

3. Mulch and Compost

Mulching can help prevent weeds from sprouting up in your garden while also holding more moisture within the soil. You can bring in some organic mulch to start your garden and then make some of your own compost. You can repurpose your older plants and some garbage like coffee grounds and banana peels to keep your garden healthy and sustainable.

4. Think Native

Some plants are more naturally inclined to grow in Southern California. They don’t need as much water and will be easier to cultivate. Definitely plant some more native species to help keep your entire garden healthier.

5. Perennials

Planting perennials is another way to have a sustainable garden that blooms to life each year. Find some good perennial plants for your environment and take good care of them to see the best results.

6. Save Your Seeds

You can collect dried seed heads from your flowers and other plants. Store them in a dry place when out of season and then replant them later. This will help save you money on new seeds while utilizing your existing resources.

7. Join a Farming Group

We are big fans of The Urban Homestead. They are a local nonprofit collective based in Pasadena with a focus on sustainable home farming in our urban and suburban settings. They offer a variety of events, educational programs and activities for home farmers of all skill levels. Click here to learn more about this organization.

As leading local real estate brokers, we support what sustainable home farming is all about. If you are looking for property in the Los Angeles or San Gabriel Valley areas with great space for your own garden—or if you are selling a luxury home with nice land to work—contact The HD Group today for an introductory real estate consultation.