If you haven’t already noticed, we are both extremely passionate about architecture and design. Not only does it play a significant role in our real estate business, but it is something that captivates us on a personal level. Great architecture speaks to our souls. Whether it’s classical architecture or modern design concepts, it’s exciting to learn more about this subject whenever possible. This is why we are such strong supporters of programs like the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA), Southern California chapter.

ICAA Continuing Education Courses

In addition to special events, lectures and tours scheduled throughout the year, the ICAA SoCal offers continuing education courses to aspiring architects. These educational programs are also excellent for those already in the business and are looking to expand their knowledge in different areas of study.

Classes through the ICAA SoCal area held during evenings and weekends throughout the year and are taught by accomplished design professionals, architects, artisans, fine artists, historians and faculty from allied institutions. Most courses are open to all. What’s best is most of these courses fulfill continuing education requirements and credit toward completion of the ICAA’s Certificate in Classical Architecture. Some courses may also offer continuing education credits with the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Learn More About Architecture & Design

Whatever your experience level in the field of architecture, there is something you can learn through ICAA SoCal’s continuing education programs. There are many different subjects and skills being taught, such as architectural history, interior design, landscape architecture, classical architecture, theory of proportion, and more.

How to Earn Your ICAA Certificate of Classical Architecture

If you are interested in earning an ICAA Certificate of Classical Architecture, there are four different ways this can be achieved:

  1. Complete the ICAA Summer Studio in Classical Architecture.
  2. Complete the ICAA Intensive in Classical Architecture, plus elective Continuing Education (CE) courses.
  3. Complete continuing education (CE) courses in approved classes based on ICAA’s core curriculum, plus elective CE courses.
  4. Complete one of the above options, plus approved programming offered through an affiliate institution.

To learn more about the ICAA SoCal, visit their website. To see upcoming continuing education courses available, you can check out the SoCal and National ICAA calendars. You can also email them for information at info@classicist-socal.org