Pasadena is a city rich in classic architecture. There are so many historic buildings and homes in this area, representing popular design styles dating all the way back to the late 19th century. From jaw-dropping mansions like the Gamble House to world-renowned venues like the Rose Bowl, there is a lot for lovers of classic architecture to enjoy here. In fact, there are currently 128 Pasadena entries on the official list of National Historic Landmarks and plenty more applications still being considered.

Celebrating Historic Architecture

We truly appreciate classic architecture and timeless design concepts, which is one of many reasons why we love serving the Pasadena community and historic luxury neighborhoods throughout the greater Los Angeles area. It’s also why we support local organizations like Pasadena Heritage.

About Pasadena Heritage

Pasadena Heritage was founded in 1977 as the city’s primary non-profit historic preservation organization—the second largest such historical society in all of California. They offer a variety of programs, events and support services to preserve historical architecture throughout the City of Pasadena. Pasadena Heritage holds more than 80 historic preservation easements, making this the largest easement program west of the Mississippi. They also manage a revolving Preservation Fund to assist with hands-on reservation projects.

If you appreciated the Colorado Street Bridge preservation or the major downtown preservation efforts in Old Pasadena, then you have members and contributors of Pasadena Heritage to thank. More recently, they’ve been focused on updating the Land-Use Element of the city’s General Plan. They have also been working on masonization projects, creating single-family residential design standards for new home and renovations, and preserving historic homes along the 710 corridor.

For a full visual timeline of Pasadena Heritage history and significant preservation projects, visit their About Us page. They have done some amazing work in our community.

How Can You Get Involved?

There are many ways you can get involved to help Pasadena Heritage. They offer different membership levels and benefits to fit your budget, as well as a Heritage Associate Membership that will give you access to all their events and programs. They are always looking for dedicated volunteers and larger financial donations. You can also give back as part of your family’s estate plan with their Planned Giving solutions.

Even if you are not a member or contributor, you are encouraged to attend their special events and walking tours. They offer a historic walking tour of Ford Place and Blinn House on the first Saturday of every other month. They have a walking tour of Old Pasadena on Saturday, June 4, whether you will learn more about historic Dayton Street, some of Pasadena’s first black-owned businesses, the Friendship Baptist Church, the city’s first fire station, and more.

To learn more about Pasadena Heritage, be sure to visit their website.

If you are looking to buy or sell a historic home or estate in Pasadena or the San Gabriel Valley, contact The HD Group today. We’re passionate about classic architecture and we know how to deal with the unique complexities of these historic properties.