Sustainable home construction materials and methods continue to evolve. It’s important to understand the key principles behind a more sustainable approach. Many people have misconceptions about what’s involved and how certain decisions can have lasting long-term effects on a community or its ecosystem. Here are some of the pillars that guide sustainable home construction:

Energy Efficiency

Unfortunately, many older construction designs and materials just aren’t as energy efficient as they could be. Today’s builders are looking to create structures and living spaces that consume less energy and/or utilize renewable energy sources such as solar or wind. This is good for the homeowner in terms of utility bills, but also brings environmental and societal benefits with less energy being utilized per home.

Waste Reduction

Another very important factor is waste. How much waste is being produced during the construction process and what type of waste is it? What pollutants are potentially being put into the environment as a person lives in the home? A major goal with sustainable home construction is reducing our carbon footprint. Builders and architects are more focused than ever on developing ways to minimize waste and pollution.

Quality of Life

Waste issues may affect the community and environment around a house. The quality of life inside the home must also be considered. Sustainable construction methods can improve indoor air quality, water quality, prevention of mold and pests, and more.

Water Conservation

This is especially important here in Los Angeles, where we often have serious drought conditions. Water is such a precious resource that we need to live. Water-saving technology and appliances can help, along with more efficient plumbing systems. There are many ways to reduce how much water we use, while making sure our fragile ecosystems have what they need, as well.

Sustainable Construction Materials

Reduce, reuse, recycle—these are three words you hear a lot when it comes to environmental issues. They also apply to sustainable home construction, especially when it comes to materials being used to build homes. There are so many excellent materials that provide durability, strength, energy efficiency and waste reduction. Many builders are reusing and recycling materials from old sources while others are utilizing new materials that are much greener.

Socioeconomic Factors

Lastly, you have to look at both economic factors and societal factors. Some sustainable home construction methods are aimed at saving money for the builder and the homeowner. More properties can be built with less money, and this benefits everyone. From luxury homes to affordable housing communities, sustainable home construction can make a positive difference in the world.

At The HD Group, we are passionate about homes and we are passionate about sustainable new home construction and property renovations. We applaud those builders, civil engineers and others who are making efforts to provide more sustainable housing solutions.