Are you a closet architect? Both Greg and Tim have a passion for architecture and an appreciation for the depth of education and talent this industry requires. If you have an interest in deepening your understanding of architecture or have already chosen to make it your future career, consider exploring the offerings of SCI-Arc. They are one of our favorite modern educational institutions focused on shaping the architects and designers of tomorrow. They offer many exciting events and learning programs throughout the years, including undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees in various majors.

Student Applications for 2024

As 2023 comes to an end, SCI-Arc is accepting applications for 2024 students in a number of different programs. If you are interested in learning more about SCI-Arc and want to be considered as a student for next year, now is the time to submit your application. Click here to introduce yourself and to receive additional information on upcoming educational opportunities.

New BS Design Program

SCI-Arc’s Academics page is also a great resource for information regarding their different courses and degree programs. They just announced the launch of a new undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Design. It will be a four-year degree with the first courses commencing in 2024. It “combines a comprehensive academic education with training in a broad set of sought-after creative digital skills, under continuous mentoring by trailblazing practitioners.” Learn more about the SCI-Arc BS Design program.

Open Studio 2024 Networking Event

Another exciting SCI-Arc event is happening on January 31, 2024. SCI-Arc will be hosting its annual networking event, Open Studio. It is a chance for employers and recruiters from top architecture and design firms to meet the incredible students of SCI-Arc. Public guests are also welcome to attend and take advantage of this excellent industry networking opportunity.

Open Studio was created to showcase SCI-Arc student work. Students will represent all educational levels from the institution, including undergrads, grads and post-grads. Employers will be able to see some amazing work from these talented aspiring architects and designers. Students will get to meet and greet with some of the leaders in this industry. This is an event that brings everyone together and will help mold the industry leaders of tomorrow.

For more information about Open Studio 2024 and to register as a student, employer, recruiter or public guest, click here.

How to Support SCI-Arc

Lastly, if you are interested in giving back to SCi-Arc and supporting their educational initiatives, events and other programs for design/architecture enthusiasts of all ages, click here to learn more about their giving options.