Lights, camera, action!  It’s that time of the year again, and we are thrilled to invite you to our Annual Movie Night in the Park! Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 26th, as we gather under the stars for an unforgettable evening of cinematic magic featuring the enchanting movie, “Fantasia 2000“.

An Enchanting Movie Selection: “Fantasia 2000”
Prepare to be whisked away on a mesmerizing journey as we present the timeless classic, “Fantasia 2000.” This Disney masterpiece combines stunning animation with the grandeur of classical music, creating an unforgettable experience for audiences of all ages. From breathtaking visuals to soaring symphonies, “Fantasia 2000” is a film that promises to touch your heart and ignite your imagination.

An Evening Under the Stars Our event takes place at the picturesque Pasadena Memorial Park Bandshell,
located at 85 E Holly St, Pasadena, CA 91103. As the sun sets, the park will open its gates at 6:00 pm, allowing you to find the perfect spot for your blanket and set up your cozy chairs. Feel free to bring your own picnic and make it a culinary affair or indulge in the delectable offerings from the famous Kogi Truck + other vendors.

Fun for the Whole Family
This movie night is designed to be a celebration for the entire family! And that’s not all – there will be raffles with fantastic prizes that will add an element of surprise to the night. So, don’t miss the chance to win some amazing stuff!

Open to the Public (Free Event)
One of the best things about our movie night is that it’s open to the public, and there’s no entry fee! We believe in fostering a sense of community, and this event is our way of giving back to the wonderful people of Pasadena and beyond. So, bring your friends, family, and neighbors to share in the joy and magic of “Fantasia 2000” with us. Join us for a night of cinematic wonder, delicious food, and unforgettable memories.