We are proud to support The Huntington. Between the library, gardens and art galleries, they offer so many inspiring experiences throughout the year. The winter season is no exception. Here are some of the things happening at The Huntington this December:

In Our Time: Prints by R.B. Kitaj
Through March 4, 2024

This exhibition opened in July and will run until March 4. It features an exhibition of screen prints by artist R.B. Kitaj. It explores the intersection between literary and visual arts with the timeless approach to screen printing. The rotating exhibition displays 22 screen prints (of 44 total) at a time, so it may take a couple visits to see the entire collection. Learn more.

Paintings in Print: Studying Art in China
Through May 27, 2024

Chinese printing manuals from the 17th and 18th centuries introduced some truly innovated printing techniques. This exhibit features many incredible books paired with paintings used in the books. It shares the captivating history behind different printing methods used in China during this influential period. Learn more.

Betye Saar: Drifting Toward Twilight
Walt Disney Concert Hall • December 16

This new exhibition just opened in November and will run for two years at The Huntington. They commissioned renowned American artist, Betye Saar, to create “Drifting Toward Twilight.” It is a site-specific installation built around a vintage canoe and found objects with artistic and historical meaning to the local landscape. Learn more.

Art for the People: WPA-Era Paintings from the Dijkstra Collection
Through March 18, 2024

Another amazing new exhibition just opened this month. It features pieces from the collection of Sandra and Bram Dijkstra. It features American paintings from the pivotal period between the 1929 stock market crash to though World War II. It explores the hardest of times to the bittersweet victory of the largest global war. It is an eye-opening and humbling view of this difficult time in American history. Learn more.

Viewing Stones Show
December 26-30

The California Aiseki Kai is presenting this 34th annual show dedicted to the art of viewing stones. This ancient Asian art has gained popularity throughout the world. This special exhibition will teach you more about the practice and share some incredible viewing stones from across the globe. Learn more.

Featured photo credit: Drifting Toward Twilight by Betye Saar (2023). ©Betye Saar. Photo: Joshua White / JW Pictures.com | The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens.