The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) is near and dear to our hearts. We are fans and students of architecture, and Los Angeles has so much diverse architecture to celebrate. The ICAA’s Southern California chapter offers excellent educational programs to students of all ages and experience levels. They regularly host a series of webinars, which are free to ICAA members. However, all are welcome to attend for a small fee.

Here are some of the upcoming ICAA SoCal architecture webinars we are looking forward to:

Sacred Architecture – Creating Harmony in Design
February 16 • 5:00pm

Join the ICAA for a wonderful discussion with Bart Mendel, who will be talking about the study of Sacred Architecture and its application to modern times. Bart has spent over 45 hears studying the field of sacred symbolism in eastern and western cultures. This webinar will focus on the concept of harmony in design and the connection between people and their environments as achieved through architectural creation.

Introduction to Classical Moldings Part 1
February 23 • 5:00pm

This will be the first part in this two-part lecture hosted by Erik K. Evans. It will count as 1.5 AIA CES Learning Units and 1.5 credits towards the Certificate in Classical architecture. You can earn three credits by attending both sessions. Moldings are the basic building blocks of classical structures. This introductory course analyzes the use and strategies behind classical moldings.

The second half of this lecture will take place the following Thursday, March 2 at the same time. We highly recommend reserving your spots for both sessions to earn your full credits and experience the entire course.

Barnyard Bouquet – on Stables and Wineries
March 16 • 5:00pm

Barnyards and wineries have a lot in common as you look back at the building blocks of many civilizations. Of course, the term “barnyard bouquet” is often a joke in wine culture, but these two building types—along with houses—are very important throughout history. Victor Deupi will be your host in this fun and exploratory webinar that compares the design of horse stables, farms and wineries from both ancient and contemporary cultures.

The Art and Architecture of Stone Carving – Workshop
March 25 • 10:00am

This is a live interactive workshop and not a webinar, but we wanted to include this special event on this list. It will be held at the Chiarini stone fabrication facility in Santa Ana, and hosted by Steve Lustic. You’ll learn classic stone sculpting techniques and witness a variety of incredible demonstrations.

As you can see, the ICAA SoCal offers so much to members and guests, which is why we are proud to support this organization. To see the full event calendar, click here. You can click on the dates to learn more about each event and submit registration.