Research shows that a vast majority of today’s home buyers start their home searches online. Real estate agents will also be utilizing online searches to find potential houses for their buyers. As a home seller, your property listing needs to be seen by as many of these searchers as possible. Not only that, but it must be presented strategically to catch their attention. This is how you create interest in your property. This leads to more buyer previews and, ideally, more competitive offers.

You can’t create a bidding war if nobody sees your house for sale!

At The HD Group, we stress the importance of strategic home staging and online real estate marketing to showcase your home in its best light. Whether someone sees it on the Internet or in person, they will be impressed and interested in buying your property. Let’s take a look at some of the key approaches we take to optimize your listing’s online exposure.

Expert Home Staging

We work with experienced home stagers and interior designers to make your house look as attractive as possible (in person and in photos/videos). This is an essential step for any home listing before it is ready to showcase on the market.

Professional Photography & Videography

We hire professional photographers and videographers who specialize in luxury real estate imagery. They know how to make the property look great from every angle. When buyers see these pictures and feature videos online, they are captivated by the home and drawn to schedule a property preview.

Exclusive Property Listings

Each home for sale that we represent will be featured with its own exclusive property page on our website. Here, we share the photos, videos, descriptions and other information that makes your property look and sound great.

Listing Descriptions

Well-written property listing descriptions are important on two levels. First, they tell the buyer about the home, its most attractive features, its location and more. Second, the written descriptions, tags, titles, maps and other elements are search engine optimized. Stronger SEO improves the chances the listing will be seen by more people through online searches, which increases how many potential buyers your home can attract.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in today’s competitive real estate market. We have followers on different social media platforms and YouTube, where we promote our featured listings. The luxury home market in Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley is very active, so digital “word of mouth” spreads quickly when a great home hits the market! 

Online Real Estate Directories

Beyond the exclusive property page on our site, we share your home listing on various real estate listing directories with content optimized for online searches. Of course, the property will be posted on the MLS (multiple listing service), which is the central home listing directory used by all real estate agents and brokers. The listing will also show on Zillow, Trulia and other popular real estate directories that buyers may be utilizing for their home searches. Finally, it is featured on, the online home of Douglas Elliman—one of the world’s premier purveyors of luxury real estate.

Blog Posts

Some of our most prominent home listings will be featured on our real estate blog. Here is an example of how that can help you generate even more exposure for your property (click here).

This is a simplified overview of everything we do to stage and showcase every property we represent for sale in high-end Los Angeles or San Gabriel Valley communities we serve. To learn more about our real estate process or to schedule a no-obligation listing presentation with our team, contact The HD Group today.