2909 North Coolidge Ave

Los Angeles

Welcome to the Coolidge Complex, a truly magnificent Spanish Modern located in DCLA's favorite pocket of Los Angeles, Frogtown. This rare and fully vacant new construction complex offers 4 Vacant units with the ability collect today's market rent in one of the highest rent producing pockets in the Country without compromising quality, design, space, or workmanship.Having developed close to two dozen projects in this part of town alone, DCLA understands its resident's needs within these spaces and designs each Rental Income property to be the most desirable among the area, and The Coolidge Complex screams just this.This complex intelligently allows for a mix of owners as this brand new, low maintenance stunner is the perfect hands off income property for owners who enjoy recurring income without recurring headaches. All the more, it also allows for an owner to live, rent-free, in one unit while the remaining residents pay their mortgage off for them. Either way, any owner will enjoy monthly cashflow, mortgage pay down through rental income, tax benefits, equity increases, and most of all, the ability to start with market rate rents due to its full vacancy! 4 unit properties in Los Angeles typically never come FULLY Vacant!Each unit features two ample sized rooms with two fully equipped bathrooms for multiple tenant combinations and is designed to service its occupant independently while offering designated outdoor spaces for each unit in the form of rooftop decks to check off every box each person may have.Studying multitudes of data confirms the conclusion that this product offers one of the few areas within the Real Estate market that remains underserved as there is a severe lack of good housing in Los Angeles a rents in the City continue to rise for market rate units only while others level off.Set to be complete end of December 2023, the Duplex is ready to go sands finishing touches on the exterior to give it that DCLA panache while the rear structure is fully underway and set to be completed before the end of the year.Allow Us To Reintroduce This Home!