The Los Angeles Conservancy is one of our favorite local organizations. They are constantly working to preserve LA’s rich and vibrant history while helping future generations enjoy our great city. They offer many excellent educational programs, historic walking tours, site preservation and renovation projects, special events, architectural resources and other preservation initiatives.

The Los Angeles Conservancy’s website is a wealth of information and resources to help you learn more about the history of our city and historic architecture found throughout the region. You can learn more about the organization, including how to volunteer and donate, as well as their ongoing preservation initiatives.

Curating the City

Their “Curating the City” program is especially interesting to read about. They look at historical architecture trends to inspire preservation projects, renovation and restoration efforts, and future usage potential. One of their latest initiatives is called “The ‘70s Turn 50.” They are taking a look at buildings and historic sites build in the 1970s. It’s hard to believe these places are now over 50 years old and considered “historic.” They are studying the explorative architectural concepts, cultural significance and need for preservation of important structures from this unique time period. Some great LA buildings designed in the 1970s include the Westin Bonaventure Hotel, FAA Headquarters and Pacific Design Center.

LA Walking & Driving Tours

The LA Conservancy offers fun events and enlightening walking tours throughout the year. You can check out various docent-led tours of different locations every Saturday. The “Modern by Moonlight” tour happens on Friday evenings and looks at the influence of more modern buildings. The Wednesday virtual tours of Los Angeles City Hall are truly incredible and you can view from the comfort of your own home or office. Explore the iconic Art Deco civic architecture that is found at City Hall and other important downtown LA institutions.

You can also download self-guided driving tours of Griffith Park, sites associated with legendary architect, Paul R. Williams and, to ty in with “The ‘70s Turn 50” theme, a fun tour of 1970s-era Los Angeles. “Last Remaining Seats” is an annual historic film and theater tour festival that happens each summer and there are other special events you can attend to support the organization or specific preservation efforts.

Educational Programs

The Los Angeles Conservancy also helps bring local history to life for students of all ages. They offer both in-person and virtual programs. They have some excellent field trip options, in addition to special virtual field trips that can be enjoyed from your classroom or from students’ homes when remote learning is in session.

To learn more about the Los Angeles Conservancy and their programs—and to contribute to their causes—please visit their website.