The HD Group is driven by design. Our approach to real estate is grounded in a discerning eye for residential and interior design. The luxury lifestyle of Los Angeles is all about modern elegance and sophistication, while including distinctive touches of personal flair to reflect the style of the owner.

Both of us are fortunate to have husbands who are world-renowned interior designers. Tim is married to Mark Liddell of Mark Liddell Design (read more about Mark here). Greg is married to Todd Nickey of Nickey Kehoe.

About Nickey Kehoe

Todd and his design partner, Amy Kehoe, built their design studio from the ground up starting in 2004. They first became friends in 1999 in New York City. They each became acclaimed designers in NYC. Todd developed his skills in the residential and retail industries, crafting beautiful spaces for top brands like Ralph Lauren and Theory. Amy was focused on the hospitality industry, working on designs for luxury hotels like Starwood.

Though they were on separate career and life paths, Todd and Amy both happened to move to Los Angeles and were able to reconnect their friendship. They decided to become business partners and opened Nickey Kehoe as a premier Los Angeles design studio and boutique. They have developed designs for a long list of clientele in the residential, commercial and hospitality industries. They also have a curated collection of handmade furniture, vintage pieces and home accessories source from all over the world.

Design Portfolio

“Golden Light: The Interior Design of Nickey Kehoe” is a great book featuring a portfolio of Nickey Kehoe design projects. One of their latest creations is Barrish, which is Nancy Silverton’s new restaurant at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. They also restored and redesigned the historic hotel’s lobby. Click here to see more of this project.

Another noteworthy recent project was A.O.C. in Brentwood. This is a beautiful restaurant and wine bar owned by Caroline Styne and Suzanne Goin. As with any project they undertake, Todd and Amy pride themselves on being the editors of the story, not the writers. The imaginative environments they create are defined by the owners’ individual perspectives and tastes. Nickey Kehoe simply brings it all together with thoughtful, personal and clever design solutions.

About Todd and Greg

Greg met Todd in 2008 and were married in 2010. As a real estate broker, Greg has always utilized design principals to benefit his clients. Whether it’s helping a buyer imagine what they can do with a space or guiding a seller through the home staging and marketing process, design is such a critical aspect of luxury real estate sales—especially in the style-driven scene of Los Angeles.

Driven By Design: The HD Group

We’re so grateful to have amazing designers like Todd Nickey, Amy Kehoe and Mark Liddell as contributors to The HD Group suite of real estate services. They offer incredible expertise, creativity and vision to help us provide the best possible real estate experience for our clients.

If you are planning to buy or sell a luxury home in Los Angeles or the San Gabriel Valley, contact The HD Group today.