It’s no secret we are passionate about architecture and home design at The HD Group. Both of our husbands are acclaimed designers. We love historic homes, modern residential concepts and just about everything in between. We are always interested to stay on top of everything happening in the residential architecture community, and we have an incredible event coming up next month!

On October 27-28, 2022, Los Angeles will be the host for the International Conference on Contemporary Architecture and Home Design (ICCAHD). This annual conference brings together leaders and influencers in the architecture and home design industries. It is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances in these fields.

About the ICCAHD 2022

The ICCAHD 2022 will feature both in-person and digital forums, exhibits, peer-to-peer discussions, educational programs and awards on a wide variety of subjects relating to architecture, interior design, environmental engineering and sustainable home solutions. The multidisciplinary focus of this event brings together presenters and attendees from different fields.

Presentations, Events & Activities

Presenters and attendees will have the opportunity to participate in this annual global exchange of ideas, strategies, concepts, best practices and collaborations to provide a broader perspective on contemporary architecture and home design. The program is great for networking and time is allocated to explore the rich architectural history—and future—of Los Angeles.

Some of the key topics to be presented and discussed this year will include:

  • Trends in contemporary architecture
  • Contemporary architecture in a historic environment
  • Architectural ideology and modernity
  • Sustainable eco-architecture
  • Evaluation and analysis of recent building projects
  • Modern architecture technology and design concepts
  • Architectural theory relating to different commercial and residential building types
  • Practical challenges and solutions in architecture and home design
  • Recent design innovations

Author Contributions & Event Information

Authors of scholarly papers on these subjects and more are encouraged to submit their work for peer review and possible presentation during the conference. If you would like to be a sponsor or exhibitor at the event, you will want to reserve your space as soon as possible. Volunteers are also welcome. To learn more about every aspect of this event, including how to attend specific conference events in-person or virtually, check out this link: ICCAHD 2022.

At The HD Group, we are looking forward to the ICCAHD 2022 and welcoming contemporary architects and designers from all over the world to our great city.