There’s an old saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is extremely true in real estate. Last week, we talked about the magic of home staging and how to improve the appeal of the inside of your home. Now, we want to focus on the exterior of your property. This is called “curb appeal” and it’s very important when selling a house.

First Impressions Are Everything!

Home buyers tend to make a judgment about a house before they even walk into it. This is usually based on the exterior presentation. If it looks unappealing on the outside, then it immediately lowers their expectations for the inside.

Exterior Repairs and Staging Tips

Below, we will share some very simple tips to clean up around the exterior of your home and make a more positive impression on potential buyers. Before we get to that list of chores, however, we do want to talk about bigger repairs and maintenance tasks. If you have damage to your roofing, siding, eaves, gutters, windows, trim, decking or any other exterior features of your home, it is best to get it repaired before your list your property for sale. Maybe it’s time for a fresh coat of exterior paint. Fixing up the physical appearance of the house is the first step to maximizing your home’s curb appeal.

Physical damage to the property will make your house look run-down. This is not a good way to create a good first impression. In most cases, the exterior just needs to be cleaned up a little and it should be kept clean as long as your home is on the market. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Make sure your front door is clean and opens/closes/locks smoothly
  • Test the doorbell and get it working properly
  • Remove any cobwebs and clean up any dirty areas
  • The house numbers should legible and readily visible
  • Clean out the gutters and spouts
  • Rake or blow leaves to keep the lawn looking clean
  • Sweep the driveway and any pathways
  • Remove weeds from the lawn and any flowerbeds
  • Plant new seasonal flowers for a touch of added color
  • Mow and edge the lawn frequently
  • Clear away any signs, toys and other junk
  • Trim trees, prune hedges and remove any rotten fruit from fruit trees
  • Organize deck and patio furniture/accessories
  • Check all exterior lighting and make sure it is working well
  • Remove unsightly garbage and keep any garbage secured in air-tight containers
  • Make sure the garage door is operational
  • Clean and organize the garage
  • Clean the roof, windows and exterior walls

Keep Your House Looking Great for Buyers

These are just a few of the things you can and should be doing when preparing your home for sale. It is very important to keep up with these chores from week to week as long as your listing is on the market. You never know when a potential buyer might drive by your home or schedule a showing. The house always has to be show-ready, both inside and outside. This is where these curb appeal tips and the home staging tips from last week will make a significant difference. When your house looks great and feels inviting, it will attract more buyers and better purchase offers.

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