We are passionate about celebrating and preserving the rich architectural history and cultural significance of landmarks throughout the Los Angeles area. This is why we are so proud to support conservation organizations like the LA Conservancy. They do so much to educate people, while actively working on important preservation projects throughout the city.

Modern Skyline Walking Tour

Throughout the year, the LA Conservancy offers many walking tours in Los Angeles. One of their most popular recurring tours is the Modern Skyline. It gives you an up close and personal look at some of the city’s most impressive skyscrapers. It is a daytime walking tour that you won’t want to miss. Learn more.

Modern by Moonlight Walking Tour

This year, they are adding a new twist on this old classic by introducing the Modern by Moonlight walking tour. It is a similar tour exploring the amazing skyscrapers and historic plazas of the Bunker Hill district of Los Angeles. However, this tour takes place in the evening when the city is aglow with twilight “magic hour” skies.

Modern by Moonlight creates a very different experience than Modern Skyline, as downtown LA shifts from a busy workday to a more mysterious landscape. These modern monoliths light up and create unique reflections that are truly something to behold when you are able to view everything from a closer perspective.

Tour Schedule 2023

This walking tour takes about two hours to complete and requires a ticket to attend ($15 for LA Conservancy members and youth, and $20 for non-members). You begin in the Bunker Hill area among the plazas, buildings and public art installations—featuring both modern and classical architecture. The tour works its way through downtown and ends at the Bona Vista Lounge atop the ultra-modern Western Bonaventure Hotel and Suites. There, you can relax after the tour and enjoy the view with some fine cocktails and dining.

The tour begins at 7:00 and will begin weekly starting Friday, August 11. Here is the full schedule:

  • September 9, 10:00am
  • September 16, 10:00am
  • September 21, 7:00pm
  • September 22, 12:00pm

This is a limited walking tour event that only happens in the summer season. Don’t miss out. Learn more about Modern by Moonlight here and reserve your tickets soon.