Real estate technology has already been evolving rapidly over the past decade. The pandemic took it to a whole new level as even the most old school real estate agents were forced to adopt technology just to perform basic tasks. Thankfully, I’ve always embraced new advancements and am always looking for ways to enhance my real estate services.

Real Estate Technology is Here to Stay

With the pandemic going on, we had to limit in-person meetings, home showings, staging consultations and other common real estate procedures we often took for granted. Face-to-face consultations were replaced with Facetime and Zoom meetings. Open houses weren’t really happening, while many showings were done virtually. Interactive 3D home tours showed us what the future of real estate might look like. We had to adapt quickly, but not all changes were bad.

Much of this incredible real estate technology is here to stay—even long after this pandemic is finally behind us. The innovations will only continue to evolve and expand the way we are able to do business as real estate professionals. I was able to fit a lot more client consultations in a day by using Zoom and other resources, compared to driving all over town. These virtual consultations will never replace the value of an in-person meeting, but they sure do add some convenience. Realtors® everywhere will continue utilizing this technology to streamline their processes and get the most out of their days.

Streamline Your Home Search

As a home buyer, you can take advantage of this modern technology to enhance your home search. I deal with many buyers who are coming in from out of town and/or live busy lives. They don’t always have time to drive all over and see a bunch of houses. The expansion of online home search resources can really help make the home buying process go much smoother.

Virtual tours and 3D photography practically put you right in each room of the house. Agents and home stagers have had to step up their game with more videos, better photos and more careful planning of how each listing is presented. More buyers are searching online and these modern tools allow the buyers to see more virtually before they schedule an actual home tour. Some resources are so great that buyers are making offers before ever seeing a home in person.

I still recommend trying to see a property with your own eyes before making an offer or committing to purchase it. Online listings with professionally staged and photographed homes, as well as virtual tours, are designed to show the house in its best light. Nothing will truly ever replace the feeling of stepping inside a home and walking room to room. This allows you to get a true sense of whether or not it’s the right house for you.

Find the Right Home for You

The biggest advantage of these enhanced home search resources is to help buyers narrow down their choices. You will get a better view of each house and its key features before you need to schedule a personal tour of the property. This can help weed out the ones that aren’t for you and allow you to hone in on the homes that you really want to see in person. This is good for buyers and sellers because showings are going to be somewhat limited for awhile and these online tools can avoid wasting anyone’s time.

Virtual tours and quality videos/pictures can also help cut down on the time needed to look at the property when a showing is scheduled. You will already have seen so much before your actual visit, so you won’t have to spend quite as much time walking through every room and seeing a lot of important details that you have already seen online.

I am definitely looking forward to more hugs and handshakes with my clients as vaccinations increase and the pandemic fades. However, some good things did come out of this experience that will help all real estate professionals serve their clients better. Technology continues to change our industry and these latest resources can really help enhance your home buying experience.

If you are looking to buy or sell in the near future, contact The HD Group today for a no-obligation real estate consultation. It can be virtual, face-to-face or just over the phone—I’ll let you decide!