SCI-Arc is one of the world’s most forward-thinking academic institutions, focused on architectural theory and design. They are always focused on the future of architecture with a diverse offering of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate courses and accreditation programs.

At The HD Group, we are very passionate about architecture—both classical and modern. We proudly support organizations like SCI-Arc and everything they do to shape the future of architecture and design.

SCI-Arc Main Event 2022

SCI-Arc was founded in 1972 and this year marks the 50th anniversary of this acclaimed institution. To commemorate this incredible milestone, SCI-Arc is hosting the Main Event 2022: Celebrating SCI-Arc’s First 50 Years, Supporting Students for the Next 50. From the title alone, you can see this is an institution that is always looking ahead to what can be accomplished next. This event is a celebration of their past and a foundation for their future.

The SCI-Arc Main Event 2022 will be held on October 11, 2022. It will include a gala dinner and awards ceremony. This year, there are some amazing honorees whose work is being celebrated at the event. These are individuals and organizations which have made a lasting impact in the architecture industry and the SCI-Arc community itself:

  • Frank Gehry
  • Alison Saar
  • Walt Disney Imagineering
  • The Herald Examiner Building/Georgetown Company

In addition, there will be special presentation celebrating SCI-Arc founding director, Ray Kappe, and the institute’s founding faculty members. These influential individuals include Thom Mayne, Jim Stafford, Glen Small, Ahde Lahti, Bill Simonian and Shelly Kappe.

Scholarship Fundraiser

This event will also be a scholarship fundraiser. Proceeds from the SCI-Arc Main Event benefit the SCI-Arc Scholarship Endowment. This provides more students access to SCI-Arc learning programs and resources. Their goal is to create inclusive opportunities for architecture and design students of all backgrounds, including those communities underrepresented in the architecture industry. For ticket information and additional event details, be sure to visit their website.

Community Block Party

There will also be a separate Anniversary Celebration Party for SCI-Arc students, staff and alumni on Saturday, November 5, 2022. It will be part of their All-Alumni Reunion + Student and Community Block Party. For more information on this event, you can email

Additional Information

Even if you aren’t able to attend the Main Event 2022, you can still support SCI-Arc as donor or partner. There are many other ways to give back (click here to learn more). If you are interested in their educational programs and other special events, please visit their Academics or Events pages for the latest updates.