We are always fascinated by new innovations, whether it’s technology that helps streamline or improve the real estate sales process or something completely unrelated to our business. When we learned about the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE and the recent award winners, we couldn’t help but be captivated by the real-life story inspired by science fiction.

About the Competition

In April, the Qualcomm Foundation announced the winners and awarded millions of dollars to several finalist teams for their ambitious Tricorder XPRIZE competition. This included the top prize of $2.6 million, which went to Final Frontier Medical Devices. This is a family-based team out of Pennsylvania led by brothers Basil and George Harris.

This contest (and, of course, the winning team’s name) was literally inspired by Star Trek. The global competition started back in 2012. The goal was to replicate something similar to the medical tricorders used in the original television show. Qualcomm wanted to develop a “consumer-focused, mobile-integrated diagnostic device.” In other words, the device would aid in medical practices by providing a fast diagnosis of a patient’s health issues.

Meet DxtER

Final Frontier created such a device they call DxtER. It is capable of diagnosing and interpreting a defined set of 13 key health conditions with varying degrees of accuracy. It can also continuously monitor five vital health metrics. DxtER features non-invasive sensors that can immediately collect important health data from a patient relating to vital signs, body chemistry and biological functions.

Read the full story here.

The Future Looks Bright

The applications for this type of device are endless. Though it can’t cure any ailments, it could help doctors and nurses more quickly identify potential health problems. It’s obviously a long way from being fully developed and ready to implement in real life, but it shows how amazing our actual future might be. Incredible things we see in our favorite futuristic sci-fi movies and shows could someday be reality!

Technology continues to evolve each and every day and that keeps us inspired to keep trying new things. We didn’t get where we are as a real estate team by resting on our laurels. Pushing toward a brighter future is what inspired the formation of The HD Group.