No matter what kind of achievements you are pursuing (business, sports, health/fitness, personal development, etc.), it is important to set realistic goals. Goal setting will help you focus on what matters and stay dedicated along our journey as you work to achieve those goals.

Here are 5 tips we recommend for goal setting, planning and attaining in 2022:

1. Set Goals the Motivate You

Remember you are setting goals for yourself. Nobody else knows what makes you tick better than you. Use this in your goal setting. Choose objectives that mean something to you personally and/or professionally. Make an emotional connection with your goals in order to stay motivated toward success.

2. Make Sure Your Goals Are Smart

Your goals should meet the following four criteria:

  • Specific—Be as specific as possible with your goals. Vague goals will never keep you focused or motivated.
  • Measurable—Your goals should be measurable. Set smaller milestones within larger goals. When you reach each milestone, you should clearly know what you have achieved and that helps keep you pushing further.
  • Attainable—Be realistic when setting goals. Don’t put your goals well out of reach before you get started. Otherwise, you will get frustrated and give up even if positive progress is being made.
  • Relevant—Again, establish a personal connection with each goal, so that they are relevant and meaningful to you.
  • Timeline—You should also aim to set a timeline or target deadline for achieving specific goals. This is another way to stay on track.

3. Write Down Your Goals

Any business or life coach will recommend you take the time to write down your goals. Put pen to paper or use your digital resources, and this will hold you more accountable. Your goal list also gives you something visual you can look at to stay motivated.

4. Create a Vision Board

A great tip is to create a vision board on Pinterest. Or, you can physically make your own vision board using a white board or cork board with magazine clippings and other inspirational items. This process can help you visualize your dreams and define your goals.

5. Commit Yourself

Last but not least, you have to make an effort to attain your goals. The goal setting process means nothing if you aren’t actively working to achieve them. Be consistent in your actions and plan out specific action steps. Break down those steps into daily, weekly and monthly tasks that will keep you on target. Track your progress, as well. You may also want to find ways to reward yourself when reaching certain milestones. This is another great way to stay motivated.

Check out Tim’s full video on this topic below. He recorded it back in 2020, but these goal-setting tips are timeless and still apply today in 2022.

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