We are very passionate about architecture. It’s the ultimate expression of blending artistic form with practical functionality. That’s why we support organizations like the ICAA SoCal, the Holcim Foundation, SCI-Arc and the ICCAHD. We recently came across an article on Arch20. It features “9 Architectural Trends for 2023.”

We found the article interesting and wanted to feature a few of the significant trends we are seeing more and more of throughout the Los Angeles area.

Sustainable Construction

We’ve written a lot about sustainable construction previously. It’s not only a popular trend in construction and architecture. It’s a meaningful one for our world. Designers and builders are using a variety of sustainable materials and concepts. Ideas include repurposing existing commercial and industrial structures for residential living, eco-friendly building materials, repurposed building materials, energy efficiency and smart technology. As the construction industry learns to adopt and optimize sustainable methods, this will be an architectural trend that continues to be at the forefront for many years to come.

AI and 3D Printing

Artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technology are being utilized in architecture and home designs. Structures can be fully conceptualized and rendered before anything is built. Key issues like structural integrity, resilience, sustainability and energy efficiency can all be tested virtually to achieve the desired results. 3D printing is also being used to print miniature renderings, as well as actual modular building materials that can streamline the construction process. Eco-friendly materials are also being used in many 3D printing building applications for improved sustainability.

Tiny Homes

What at first seemed like a silly fad has become increasingly popular in recent years. The tiny house trend is here to stay and might even be one potential solution for dealing with the homelessness problem in our great city. Tiny homes offer affordable living solutions that take up little space. The designs keep getting more innovative and the applications for smaller living spaces are endless in our urban setting.

Community-Focused Developments

Many large-scale developers are looking to build fully self-sustaining communities rather than just blocks of houses or condos. These developments can feature commercial businesses and retail centers in conjunction with residential structures. Many include biodiverse greenbelts and nature-forward designs to help with sustainability and create an ecologically friendly balance within the overall use of the land.

We are always excited to see how architecture, design and construction continue to evolve year after year within LA and across the globe. There are so many amazing ideas being implemented and there will be many more to come in the future.